• Show Horse Conditioning Salt®

    Show Horse Conditioning Salt® is a unique equine supplement that provides a daily maintenance  source of sodium, encourages drinking and promotes hydration. Show Horse Conditioning Salt® helps to support digestive function, removes toxins from the digestive tract, promotes feed utilization, and supports a healthy gastric environment. All ingredients are human edible, high quality, and produced in a food plant operating in compliance with FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices.

    Show Horse Conditioning Salt® is specifically designed for horses of all live stages.

  • GrowMax Nutrition™

    The addition of this nutrient-rich supplement to your pet's diet enhances feed efficiency, promotes nutrient absorption, contributes to immune system development, and fosters a shiny coat. Moreover, it provides essential calcium for bone maintenance and growth, supplies crucial fatty acids that are critical for sustaining cell health, offers metabolizable energy for vitality and growth, and serves as a source of electrolytes to promote hydration and support overall cell function.

    GrowMax Nutrition™ Supplement is applicable to cattle, sheep, goats, hogs, and other species.

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