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Conditioning Salt™

Conditioning Salt™

Horses have a need for sodium. In fact, it is the only mineral that they have a craving for and will seek out. For this reason, most owners provide their horses with salt blocks. However, few horses use a salt block well enough to meet their daily sodium needs. Providing your horse with the daily maintenance requirement for sodium in the form of loose salt is the smartest way to keep your horse drinking and hydrated.

Some horses find regular salt caustic and unpalatable. The special patented process through which Show Horse Conditioning Salt® is made coats the salt in oil resulting in a form of salt that most horses actually like.

The oil in Show Horse Conditioning Salt® not only improves palatability but provides a source of fatty acids that promote a radiant coat as-well-as healthy skin and hooves.

Thanks to the unique binding properties of the clay in Show Horse Conditioning Salt®, digestive tract health is also supported. The unique physical structure of bentonite clay traps potential toxins as it passes through the digestive tract removing them before they can negatively influence your horse’s health.

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Feeding Directions

Show Horse Conditioning Salt® may be top dressed on feed at 2 to 4 oz daily to an average-sized horse (1100 lbs). Adjust serving size based on the weight of the horse. The enclosed scoop holds approximately 2 oz. May also be provided free choice. Horses should always have access to unlimited clean fresh water. 

Store in a cool, dry place.


Salt, Bentonite, Vegetable Oil,
Diatomaceous Earth

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Fat (Min).........8 %

Salt (Min).................48 %

Salt (Max)................53 %


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